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    Pinery biome

    On the barren sandy soil of the Altiros Online world despite their will for life neither the mighty oaks with their rough and uneven branches in the mysterious darkness of the forests, nor the thin birch-trees full of light and bringing clear joy to the passing wanderers in the rays of sunshine, nothing  can survive. Only the even lines of the tall pine trees are reaching for the sky.  The passerby who walks into the bright and majestic pine forest has a clear view through the perfect timber trunks of the trees. The pines that stand as the guards of honour of this land are covered with elaborate ornament burning with all shades of rust and red in the sunset. Sometimes the gentle carpet of green moss shyly embraces the roots and trunks of the older trees, hiding from the intimidating grandeur of the imperial trees in the shadows as far as possible from the scorching rays of merciless sun. The pine forest reminds the strangers of the quiet awe and reverence of cathedrals, almost like if this was a shrine of the goddess of Nature where the perfect pines are the best columns to ever support the endless clear blue sky. 

    The tranquil silence is the sound of this ancient place only sometimes interrupted by a quiet rustle or an occasional squeak of small inhabitants of the forest. The light creak of the giant pines crowns far above the head is caused by the irreverent wind that has no desire to avoid any obstacle on its way, even the one of such grace and grandeur.

    Although the colors of the pine forest are not like the joyous or bold palettes of some biomes, the wanderer tortured by hunger can easily find food here – it is not a rare occasion to find lush blueberry plants here offering their soft and juicy berries under the pines. They say there are no blueberries in any other place apart from the pine forests. But more than that, if the stranger looks a bit lower he might find a tasty and nutrient nice surprise – ginger chanterelle mushrooms grow under the pines and wait for their finder to enjoy their crispy rich flavour that is so popular among many gourmands of the multiworld.

    Sometimes walking among the tall columns of this nature’s cathedral one can find a small cozy clearing where among emerald green grass the beautiful and gently lilies of the valley hide from the strangers, while bathing in the warm sunlight reaching for them through the dark green pine tree crowns far in the sky. Many travelers that failed to find a nice place for themselves in other biomes with a sigh of relief put down their heavy loads, lay on the grass and stretch up their legs right after seeing the fragile white flowers in the shadows of majestic pines. It feels like these flowers are not here by the chance, it is almost as it the reserved yet kind pine forest itself with its scarred ages old trees is showing its true caring nature, welcoming and greeting the tired guests, trusting them and sharing with them its most gentle, precious and beloved gift.  Will the grand pine forest trust you as well? Will it show you the tenderness and beauty of its true heart? 

    Pinery biome
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