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    Heatherglade21 November 16
    Update #1

    Hello everyone! Long time no see!

    Slowly but surely we move closer to the Alpha-version and a closed Alpha-testing. We would like to tell you a little about what the Altiros team is working on right now and what you can expect in the nearest future.

    We launched a multi-player

    Altiros Online is an online game for multiple players! But everything we showed you up to this moment worked only in the single mode. That is changing now, our team transferred all the functions to the server, and the new content is made simultaneously for both sides, client and server.


    We added the first animals to our game. Models, animation, their behavior and the ways to fight them — all these things are ready on the required levels.

    So far we only have Apers and Dugambas. At the moment we are working on the rest of the animals, as well as the monsters (by the Alpha launch we definitely plan to have monsters!)

    Optimized and Improved the Building mode

    If you saw the videos you could have noticed that the delays during construction were tremendous — after pushing the button and actual change of the world there is not less than half a second delay, which is quite unpleasant. This was caused by the fact that chunk re-assembling is a heavy process, which we had to adjust. You can find the gif of how it is happening now on our Twitter.

    We continue to conquer the world generation process

    This is a complicated process, but our best minds are working on it non-stop. All the screenshots and videos in the worlds that you could have seen prior to this moment, are made in biomes that are filled in without any specific logic or reason, which is not the way it should be: mushrooms are supposed to grow as bunches in one spot and not one by one; the moss should only exist under the trees, and the number and spacing of the objects should be properly balanced. At this stage we have mastered all major technical and essential issues and we are finalizing the last biomes. You can see the screenshots of some of the new biomes in gallery below.

    Improvement and re-modeling of the graphics

    Apart from the above, before recording the next video we wanted to renew all the graphics in the game. Maybe you have noticed in the videos that at the moment Altiros Online has some issues with lightning that not only make the whole picture look worse, but also do not let us add some special and atmospheric features, like falling leaves, sky effects (oh, we really do want to show you the complete sky of Altiros!), as well as changes in the gamma of each biome (the Oak Grove has to be darker, the Malachite Grove – more magical, etc.). To do that we need to improve the engine and that is a work in progress.

    But we are almost done renewing the biome textures: the color palette of each biome is now more complete and seamless, while also more detailed. You can see some before and after screenshots in our gallery:

    And this is done in each biome :) You will see more screenshots and videos with improved graphics and textures in the nearest future!

    Malachite Grove

    You did not have a chance to see it yet, but we have almost finished creating this biome. The most magical of the first ones in the game is the Malachite Grove. The screenshot of the biome can be seen below. We still use the random generator, so the final result is going to be much better.

    Update #1

    The Character

    Our artists and programmers are working on the creation of a new character – the old one will be remodeled. We are also going to add a female character  and the customization options.

    Changes in the Team

    After the project announcement and web-site launch we have received an enormous number of requests from people willing to join our team. We are grateful to everyone who contacted us and we are truly sorry if we forgot to respond to someone. As a result of this wave of interest we were joined by two concept artists and one animator.

    We plan to expand our team even more and now we are looking for a person responsible for the communications with the gamers – as soon as we can do this the news are going to be much more regular. Up until that moment we apologize for our irregular news updates.

    Website changes

    Our Web-team stays busy: we took into account your suggestions and glitches that you found on the website and we adjusted everything accordingly. We also added a new darker skin for the website for those who disliked the original white color – you can change the skin color in the Settings section.

    New videos

    In the nearest future we plan to record new videos and we hope you will enjoy watching them.

    Always with you
    Heatherglade Team