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    Мы продолжаем работу над монстрами, с которыми вам придется столкнуться в локации Призрачные пещеры Альтироса. В прошлой новости был концепт призрака, сейчас уже готов концепт скелета. Хотим поделиться.

    Призрачные пещеры Альтироса

    Несколько промежуточных этапов:

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    Heatherglade17 January 17
    Beyond Despair is available in Steam!

    Heatherglade congratulates colleagues and partners with the launch of the game!

    We want to thank everybody who helped develop the game — there is a lot of work ahead of us, we want to make BD a game players enjoy, finish everything we have planned and release the full version this summer.

    We want to remind you that Beyond Despair is early development stage. Optmisation is one of the most important directions for us, as well as fixing bugs found by our community and dev team.

    Welcome to Ansora island...

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    Heatherglade14 January 17

    Season’s Greetings to everyone! We finally sobered up and decided to share some party pics from… oops! Wrong message! Oh, well, it seems we’ll have to get a bit of work done anyway.
    This message is for those people who think that we are doing nothing, updates are rare and there is no progress made. 
    Just have a look at the work done and you will know that we are working non-stop 24x7 without week-ends to create a game you are going to love.


    We work on the development of the characters in full force – creation and animation of female and male models are on their final stages. To show you how far we have gotten we decided to show you some screenshots and drafts that we save while working on specific problems and issues. We did not prepare materials specifically for this presentation, so you are going to have a look behind the stage and see our creative process as it is.
    Everything starts with the game design. Our game designers present a concept to the artist and he starts working on it:

    After that on the basis of the concept the 3D character model is created:

    Update #2Update #2Update #2Update #2

    After creation of 3D models, they should be painted. Creating textures is a very demanding and detailed process, and here are the results: 

    And, the underwear, of course :) 

    Update #2Update #2

    Apart from creating a 3D model we also need to animate it, and it is the animator’s talent that makes the character lively and interesting. We have a great animator with a perfect sense of humor, and he is willing to spend some extra time to lighten up the mood for his colleagues. How do you like this character?

    A little bit homosexual


    We have already written about two animals – the boar-like aper and a funny little dugamba, and now we adding a big hunter cat called lynci:

    Since we are having this little guided tour we decided we would like to share the animal animation process with you. To not take too much space here we have re-located the animations to the media section.Go to the Media section. The link will open in a new window.

    We work on making the animal world of Altiros not just colorful and varied, but also truly lifelike, creating eco-systems resembling the ones existing in real life and including relationships between predators and herbivores treating each other and players in different ways. Some of them tend to flee, and some – fight. Various species of animals inhabit specific set of biomes and is further logically divided into groups per climate regions differing with their appearance and habits. In a nutshell, the hunters should learn where specific animals live and how to get close to them. The animals will be added to the game as soon as they are complete, and meanwhile we offer you a small gallery directly from out studio:

    Game world

    As we wrote in our previous article a significant segment of work is on final stages of completion, and we are talking about the game world surface generation. From the last presentation, we have verified all factoring, added lacking elements, such as mushrooms, some types of herbs and flowers, as well as re-designed some of the textures, added paths and trails, and altered the bottoms of ponds and other basins of water in the Bamboo forest. For better player perception, we have even changed the height of the grass and even the of some bushes.

    Update #2Update #2Update #2Update #2

    There are only few details left to perfect. After we finalize the work on the surface areas we plan to move on to filling in the underground world content – ore layers and the passages between them forming the Amber Caverns. And the next stage of work is already defined – a challenging task of creating and filling the lively (or not so lively) instance locations that are separate procedurally generated worlds of smaller size. 
    Unlike quite safe surface areas where the player can only get in trouble when actually looking for it, for example, by disturbing the peace of the Igni Keepers in the Crystal Gardens, getting too close to a group of apers, or when in the caves or the mines created by the players stumbling on the aggressive swarm of underworld bugs lead by their queen, the rest of the Altiros world in not so peaceful. One step into a portal can place you amidst a hostile army, and you better be well prepared for this meeting. Or even better – have a couple of reliable friends with you.

    Ghost Caverns of AltirosGhosts conceptGhostLocation boss

    First such instance of this kind is the Ghost Caverns of Altiros – a location inhabited by the unlucky travelers between the worlds, who could not bear the timelessness of the transit with their souls and bodies thrown out to the pedestal of the Obelisks. Among them you can see their King ruling the shadows of his former subjects. The Passages of the dimly lit caves are often a place for an unexpected ambush, and the high halls sometimes host deadly encounters. 
    Crafts, objects and skill

    Crafts, objects and skills

    Our game designers are dealing with a tremendous workload – apart from the tasks for the designers and programmers, they are working on detailing and balancing the game content using the special internal program for RPG content like objects, craft recipes, passive skills and active abilities. Unfortunately, tasks of such a large scale are difficult to perfect immediately – the program was amended once and it will be changed again. During the work, it became obvious that the concept of moving from mining the minerals and other resources to the crafts and objects, and only after that to skills, requires too much expenses for development since the scenarios of the object applications still have to be taken into consideration. This caused a dramatic change in our approach, and we have decided that we should start from what the player sees and uses at the initial stages, namely the skills. This will make the game more balanced and interesting.


    We have added to the server the manufacturing of different weapons of various types for close quarters combat and long range combat, with different number of ammo released in one shot. We have also added different types of armor, and a health scale for animals and characters. Now they can be wounded and killed, and during peaceful life the health levels are gradually restored. We actively develop animals and their behavior: while in the same state they can behave differently, since there are several behavior animations for a state of rest, and different types of attack. They also do not die in the same manner. Since it became complicated to add new animations in the current architecture and there is a possibility of a mistake we have moved on to “state machine” – meaning that in one period of time an animal can be in one state (walking, sleeping, attacking, running) and this state can only be complete after a certain period of time. Transition from one state to another is possible only for certain related states of the animal. This allows us to finalize the required animations, to control the transitions easily and add new states.

    We also have a new programmer on our team, which we hope is going to increase the speed of the game development.

    Web site changes

    We are working on our website development non-stop, making numerous small but important changes and alterations that are presented on the website as weekly updates.  A few that you can experience already: we added an option to publish gifs, while earlier we could only publish non-moving pictures.

    Everything that we presented here is just a part of the work that is being done by our team. We are also taking care of many small but time-consuming issues and problems that are too insignificant and detailed to mention here. But we keep working and look forward to sharing the game with you. We are making efforts to bring the game to you in the coming spring. 

    Sincerely yours,
    Heatherglade team

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