Terms of Service Of the altiros.net online community
Terms of Service Of the altiros.net online community

1. Present Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “ToS") regulates the relationship between Heatherglade Ltd., owning the altiros.net online community (hereinafter referred to as “Community"), and the Internet users joining the Community (hereinafter referred to as “Users") in the process of using the services offered within and with respect to the Community (hereinafter referred to as “Service").

2. Registering at the altiros.net website and in the Altiros Online game the User confirms that the he read the ToS carefully and accepts the Terms of Service.

3. The ToS can be changed, updated and altered by the Community without any specific notice. The Users can familiarize themselves with the up to date version of the ToS at: http://altiros.net/docs/terms_of_use.

4. Compliance with the requirements of the ToS by the Users is mandatory.

5. The User is aware that he is liable individually for any violation of rights of third persons arising from improper placement (uploading) of any materials by the User at the Community website.

6. The User undertakes to not upload, post or distribute any materials of the following kinds:

a. Illegal, threatening, malicious, harassing, defamatory, inappropriate, slanderous, violating copyrights, insulting, derogatory or inciting hatred or discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex or sexual preference, social status, as well as violating the conventional rules an ethics on Internet communication, or preventing or hindering other Users' access and use of the Service;

b. Violating the rights of underage persons and/ or causing them any harm, including moral damage, in any way;

c. Violating the rights of minorities;

d. Mislead other Users and third persons, including but not limited to by posing as another person or representative of organization or community, including but not limited to client support representative, Community representative, moderators, admin staff, etc.;

e. Violating third persons' rights, including but not limited to copyrights, trademark (service mark), trade secrets or classified information;

f. Containing viruses and any kind of malware or codes, files or programmes intended to harm, interrupt, hinder, limit, destroy or alter any computer of telecommunications equipment, hardware or software, to gain unauthorized access to software or computer systems, hardware of data of third persons, as well as serial numbers for commercial software products or programs for generation thereof, or login, password or other means to gain unauthorized access to paid Internet resources, or linking any of the above;

g. violating current legislation of the country of User's access or international laws;

h. allowing collection and/or storage of personal information of any third persons;

i. containing rude, indecent, derogatory of insulting words or sentences;

j. containing texts, photo or video materials with sexually explicit or pornographic content;

k. hindering the normal functioning of the Services through using pop-up windows;

l. linking any Internet resources prohibited by current local or international legislation;

m. containing automated scripts (software) collecting data and/or communicating with the Service.

7. The User is not allowed to copy, replicate, process or transform in any way, distribute, display, upload, publish or in any other way transfer or share partially or in full the materials posted by other Users or the Service materials without prior consent of the copyright owners of mentioned materials except for cases where the copyright owner has explicitly and directly allowed his consent for free use of the materials.

8. The Community has the right to remove the materials posted/uploaded by the User or block access to the materials without notifying the User or any explanation on any basis, including, but not limited to any claim or complaint received by the Community. In this case the User agrees to personally, on his own and on his own expense to settle and resolve the mentioned claims or complaints.

9. Upon request of the authorized law-enforcement entities or any other authorized agency the Community in accordance with current legislation provide such entity or agency with User information.

10. The User agrees that in case of receipt by the Community of any claim or complaint from the third persons (right holders) on violation of the rights of use of any materials with provision of documents supporting the ownership title and rights to use for the materials in question the Community retains the right to transfer the User information of such User to such third party (right holder).

11. All complaints with respect to the Service can be forwarded by the Users to the support e-mail at: info@heatherglade.com.

12. In case of any changes on current legislation directly or indirectly affecting the Service partially or fully anytime in the future the Community retains the right for any changes, updates or alterations as to the functionality of the Service aimed at adjust the Service to the new requirements of the law.