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    Altiros Online05 October 16
    Savannah biome

    The sea of dry grass burnt out by the sun and clinging to the warm sandy soil along with the rough shrubs and twisted trees – this is the Savannah biome of Altiros. Hot wind is the sovereign ruler of this land, - there is nothing that can stop or slow down its endless flight. The grand eucalyptus trees of different forms and sizes prefer solitude and are widely spaced, they let the wind flow easily through the terrain, while the numerous shrubs of saxaul are too small to even be noticed by the wind.

    The infinite and free brown savannah is overlooked by the endless sky and the cumulus clouds from time to time pouring short but intensive rain showers over this drought-ridden terrain, sometimes even with storms, lightning and thunder. This is when everything stops in the savannah – the deafening and powerful peals of thunder roll above the land and make the small animals hide in anticipation in their burrows, and those larger – run from their hiding places under the trees.

    The travelers wishing to settle here will have to face the scarcity of water, which is an important part of farming. Apart from that the layer of the rich soil of savannah is very thin and below it the farmer will find a much thicker layers of sand which in turn is resting on a rocky bed. In order to make these freedom-loving lands obey and regularly provide the owner with a heavy harvest, a lot of hard work has to be done. But those brave and strong enough to do it can gain a significant fortune from the endless and wild lands of savannah. 

    Savannah biome
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    Heatherglade01 October 16

    Hello everyone! We are a small company of game developers called Heatherglade, and today we would like to announce our first game — Altiros Online. It has been almost a year since we started our work on the game and finally the moment has come to go public, so here we go!

    Altiros Online Announcement
    About Altiros Online

    Altiros Online (or ALO) — is something very familiar and at the same time something you’ve never seen before. The basics are simple — MMORPG with a fully alterable sandbox-world. It is an enormous open world where each player is on his own and not limited in progression. The most appealing features of Altiros Online is in the details — a combination of thoroughly designed and planned little things is what makes our game unique.

    Not just a Sandbox

    Most of the games with alterable worlds are concentrated only on the sandbox itself, while paying little attention to development of the character abilities, its battle and crafting skills and other RPG-elements. Altiros Online is a MMORPG, where the primary object of focus is the player’s character and its active and diverse communications with the game universe and other players. In ALO the changeable world is blended into the RPG-genre in a well-balanced manner. In fact, you can play the ALO without using any building or world changing features.

    Not just a MMORPG

    ALO is a living changeable world that is created and altered by the players themselves. You can build detached houses, big cities or even form whole countries, mine resources or colonize the most severe lands of the game world.

    The world of Altiros Online is a result of procedural generation and is changeable by the players, nothing is carved in stone, even the stones themselves! Use the multiple possibilities of this world to the full extent of your imagination and your gaming experience will be unmatched.

    Visit other worlds

    The world of Altiros is relatively peaceful and friendly, a nice place for the ALO races to call their home. But this in not the only place you’re about to visit! In order to obtain rare resources or just looking for an adventure you can visit other worlds that live by their unique rules and are not very welcoming! You might need to gather a whole team for some of these trips.

    Social game

    Community is an important part of Altiros Online. Despite the fact that the characters have no limitation as to the number of mastered skills (yes, in time you really can become a Jack-of-all-trades!), you cannot achieve everything alone. That is why ALO allows players to create groups — villages, cities, countries or even alliances of countries, or simple friends groups dedicated to a common interest. Our flexible group system can offer you any kind of social experience in the game.

    Wars between groups

    Battles, economical or political conflicts between player groups are an important part of the game for the high level players. You can seize unclaimed territories or territories belonging to other groups in order to gain advantage in the game. But keep in mind, that just seizing power is not enough.

    Are you afraid that your constructions will be captured by other players? Don’t worry, wars and political games do not directly affect the life of players on a contested territory, so your property are safe.

    Battle system

    Battle is one of the most important features of an RPG. In Altiros Online each weapon or attack type has its own battle mechanics: from throwing projectiles and non-target combat to direct targeting. We try to make the game battles exciting – we consider of utmost importance not only the game statistics of your character or his armor and weapons, but also the tactics and confidence with keyboard and mouse!

    Character development

    As we said earlier, there are almost no limits to the character development in ALO. The character is built on his achievements – almost every action in the game is a trainable skill, just like in real life. There are no limits – only your wish to improve and to keep making an effort. With a few exceptions it is possible for all skills to be learned by the same character, so if you spent enough time you can master anything! We will keep introducing new skills and new skill levels, and most likely you will never reach the maximum limit of them all, but the top-level characters in every craft will be included in the list of Grand Masters.

    This brings us to a simple rule: the level of the character is not a defining feature, it is a aggregate sum of the character’s skills and it is only needed for convenience in comparison.

    Integrated game space

    The world of Altiros is enormous! It is also a seamless world — players of each region (for example, Europe or Asia) play in the same world which they can traverse without borders or having to switch over.

    Of course, there are alternative worlds, but there is going to be one main world for each region. You can transfer from one region to another as well, the division was created only as a measure to reduce latency and evade some community problems.

    Creation of a single integrated world is a difficult issue for MMO games. Although we do have ideas and prototypes as well as a strong desire to keep it this way, it is possible that during the game development process there arise problems which will force us to sacrifice this feature, and in this case the system of the worlds can be altered.

    Strong economy

    There can be no social game without a strong economy. Almost everything is for sale Altiros Online, even services, but only when trading with other players. In the main world there are no typical trader-NPC and there never will be NPC buying or selling everything!

    A number of trading tools will help you build your own ingame business or find what you are looking for: local stores created by the players, trading of goods, taxes collected from territories, global auctions — all these features in many different combination make the ALO economy interesting, intricate and strong.

    Unique items and и equipment

    Create items specifically for your character and his game style — weapons and equipment can be considerably modified using different skills and crafts, - this can go as far as creating items that never existed before. Do you want a sword that can shoot fireballs? Or a helmet that will teleport you from the enemy projectiles? Or a shield that returns the enemy attacks? You possibly will be able to create most of this!

    The most honest Free-to-Play

    We know that many are skeptical about modern Free-to-Play games. For example, we’re almost allergic to them! But Altiros Online follows the best — after the release ALO is going to be completely free and honest.  You cannot buy game advantages or privileges. Our primary monetary method is sale of accessories. By the way, they can be passed to other players or sold in the game, so you can get them by just playing ALO!

    For the masters of 3D-editing and tablet there will be a workshop where you can design and create art or other ingame accessories and items (conditions to be confirmed).

    One year of development

    We started creating Altiros Online approximately one year ago, and all this time we mostly worked on the game architecture, game engine and game design, but we also have something to show you. In a video below you can see several territories of the ALO world as well as process of building:

    Altiros Online Announcement

    The ALO world was generated procedurally. Everything you see in the game is still in the process of development and is not a final version, we make changes and additions to the game daily and we try to keep you informed on the current stages of development of the game.

    If you want to see the ALO world there are screenshots, descriptions and videos in outlines of biomes:

    Join our community

    Join the game community at Altiros.Net — you can find fresh news about the development of the game and chat with other players, and even take part in ALO development!

    Since Altiros Online is a social game, the opinion of the community is very important for us. Comment our news and updates, communicate on the forum or even write in the blog — we are going to read as much as possible and try and take your opinions and desires into consideration.

    You can also subscribe to our accounts  on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and join our Telegram channel. You will get the latest news in the most convenient way, but will also help our game community to grow faster!

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    Altiros Online
    Altiros Online01 October 16
    Pinery biome

    On the barren sandy soil of the Altiros Online world despite their will for life neither the mighty oaks with their rough and uneven branches in the mysterious darkness of the forests, nor the thin birch-trees full of light and bringing clear joy to the passing wanderers in the rays of sunshine, nothing  can survive. Only the even lines of the tall pine trees are reaching for the sky.  The passerby who walks into the bright and majestic pine forest has a clear view through the perfect timber trunks of the trees. The pines that stand as the guards of honour of this land are covered with elaborate ornament burning with all shades of rust and red in the sunset. Sometimes the gentle carpet of green moss shyly embraces the roots and trunks of the older trees, hiding from the intimidating grandeur of the imperial trees in the shadows as far as possible from the scorching rays of merciless sun. The pine forest reminds the strangers of the quiet awe and reverence of cathedrals, almost like if this was a shrine of the goddess of Nature where the perfect pines are the best columns to ever support the endless clear blue sky. 

    The tranquil silence is the sound of this ancient place only sometimes interrupted by a quiet rustle or an occasional squeak of small inhabitants of the forest. The light creak of the giant pines crowns far above the head is caused by the irreverent wind that has no desire to avoid any obstacle on its way, even the one of such grace and grandeur.

    Although the colors of the pine forest are not like the joyous or bold palettes of some biomes, the wanderer tortured by hunger can easily find food here – it is not a rare occasion to find lush blueberry plants here offering their soft and juicy berries under the pines. They say there are no blueberries in any other place apart from the pine forests. But more than that, if the stranger looks a bit lower he might find a tasty and nutrient nice surprise – ginger chanterelle mushrooms grow under the pines and wait for their finder to enjoy their crispy rich flavour that is so popular among many gourmands of the multiworld.

    Sometimes walking among the tall columns of this nature’s cathedral one can find a small cozy clearing where among emerald green grass the beautiful and gently lilies of the valley hide from the strangers, while bathing in the warm sunlight reaching for them through the dark green pine tree crowns far in the sky. Many travelers that failed to find a nice place for themselves in other biomes with a sigh of relief put down their heavy loads, lay on the grass and stretch up their legs right after seeing the fragile white flowers in the shadows of majestic pines. It feels like these flowers are not here by the chance, it is almost as it the reserved yet kind pine forest itself with its scarred ages old trees is showing its true caring nature, welcoming and greeting the tired guests, trusting them and sharing with them its most gentle, precious and beloved gift.  Will the grand pine forest trust you as well? Will it show you the tenderness and beauty of its true heart? 

    Pinery biome
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